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Pair A Dice Carriages

Serving Scottsdale/Phoenix, AZ and Cody, WY

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We Are Headed to Cody WY in a few weeks!!

Cody we are headed for ya! If you would like to book a private event or stagecoach ride please give us a call or look for us on the street outside the famous Irma Hotel. Rides will start Memorial Day Weekend. 

We will be gone from 6/3-6/9.

Arizona: If you are looking for us in Old Town Scottsdale, please give us a call. We are currently only accepting private bookings in the evenings or early mornings as the weather is starting to get too hot during the day to have the horses in town. Our last day will be May 10th. 


Show Season is here for us! Come support us and experience these big horses like never before! Come see a show fashioned in chrome, elegance, horse power, and fun! If you are a horse lover or new to horses, or want to really experience draft horses, these are events you will NOT want to miss! You will witness everything from a 6 horse hitch, cart classes, farm team competitions all the way down to the kiddos, the future of our  industry! 
You can buy tickets on site or online at

Our next show is May 17-19, 2024 in beautiful Grand Junction, CO. Check out the website above for more info!


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