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Alot of what we use for our Percherons comes custom from the Amish... But sometimes we can go mainstream for certain things. Here are a few things we use to keep our horses healthy, happy, and looking sharp and our carriages/wagons always in top form! If you are thinking about getting your own, or you have horse friends, or even just feel like being generous, here is a list of essentials for all of us horse people!

ShowSheen by Absorbine: This is our favorite product for manes and tails! It makes detangling and brushing super easy and leaves a finishing shine both on hair and coats!

Tail Tamer Paddle Brush: We love the durability of this brush and the size of the paddle. Big horses need bigger brushes! Plus with the added color, I can always find it!

Super Shine by Absorbine: This is our favorite hoof polish our private events and parades. Paired with the clear coat on top it really adds that extra shine to their hooves!

The finishing touch to shiny hooves!! 

Our day to day hoof dressing when we want to moisturize and take care of unwanted cracks and dry hooves. I personally know my skin loves some moisture, so we keep up on the big boys too!

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Orvus is our go to shampoo. A little bit goes a long way. It does a great job getting the horses squeeky clean and shiny!

Farnam Vetroline White 'N Brite: How do we get Wrangler and Levi so white and sparkly for your wedding or parade? First wash with Orvus then follow up with some White 'N Brite!

Well of course our horses are spoiled! They know what treats are and believe me, we live in their world when it comes to the amount they get...These are one of their favorite treats. 

Tri-Tec Fly Spray: We have tried many brands of fly spray and this works the best for us. Between the flies in the summer in Wyoming, and the never ending fly season this year in Arizona (loving the warm temps!) we seem to go through endless amounts of fly spray to keep the horses happy and fly free.

We literally use these on and for everything. We use them to clean the wagons and carriages with as they do not scratch and leave a buffering shine. We use them on our harness to clean and shine it up. We use them on the horses to wipe mouths, ears and eyes at events or before photos. 

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